Module 2

Welcome to Module 2!

In case you haven’t had a chance to log in to your dashboard to download your OptimizePress and WPAffiliate manuals, please do so now.

Click here to get instant access to your dashboard:

Here is your password: MastertheJVLaunch

Head over to our Master the Launch Facebook group if you have any questions.

If you’re going through this course on your own, after you buy your plugins, please save your access details to OptimizePress and WPAffiliate. I like to save notes on my launches in a Google Sheet, which saves data automatically, but you can always have an Excel file or a Word document on your computer with your access details.

If you’re working with a VA, don’t forget to forward your access details to your VA. You can always create a different WordPress username and password just for your VA if you think you’ll be logging in at the same time.
One of the first things you’ll need to do right after you purchase OptimizePress is check your download size in your media library in WordPress. OptimizePress comes as a zip file, and it’s a pretty big file, so you may need to increase the space in your media library with your host before installing the OptimizePress plugin. An easy way to check your WordPress upload file limit is to go to Media > Add New and check the Max File Size there. If you see a number lower than 20 MB, please contact your host and ask them to add this line to the top of your wp-config.php file: define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M'). Once the size is increased, you’re ready to install the OptimizePress plugin. Please refer to your manual in your learning library for directions. If you already have OptimizePress installed on your site and activated, you can skip this step.
Right after you purchase WPAffiliate, you should receive an email from Tips and Tricks HQ with a link to download the plugin. If you don’t receive the email with your WPAffiliate zip file right away, please forward your receipt to and ask Tips and Tricks HQ to send you your plugin again. Please refer to your WPAffiliate manual in your learning library for directions on how to install the plugin and activate it (The WPAffiliate file is a small file, so you shouldn’t have to do anything with your media library settings). We’ll come back to WPAffiliate in later modules, so for now, all you need to do is install it.
Next, we’ll work on creating your free gift and its thank you page in OptimizePress. When you have a free gift, such as a free report, checklist, eBook, etc., you don’t want to have to send it manually to everyone you know. That’s why you need to create an autoresponder list to collect the info and automatically send it out to those who want to receive it.
First, come up with a name for the autoresponder list. For example, “Free Report.” Then, decide the “From Name,” email address, and subject of the message. Message zero goes out the same day to people who opt in. You can also build a sequence of messages to follow and save them in advance. That way the messages go to everyone, no matter when they sign up, in a certain order. You can always send one-time emails, also known as broadcasts, to catch up latecomers if needed.
Next, build a web form in your autoresponder. I like to name these after my autoresponder lists so I can easily keep track of what list goes to which web form. For example, if you named your autoresponder “Free Report,” also name your web form “Free Report.” Building a list and web form can vary from autoresponder to autoresponder, so please refer to your learning library to download the manual to the autoresponder you use. If you don’t see a manual on your particular autoresponder, please email to see if we have documentation on your autoresponder.
Next, in OptimizePress, choose a template for your free gift. You can do this by logging into WordPress, scrolling down to OptimizePress on the menu on the left, and select Create New Page. This will bring up different templates that are available. Templates already come with colors, fonts, and layouts that drive people to opt in, but many of those settings can be customized. All you have to do is replace the images and text with your own. Give the landing page a name to match your gift. For example, “Free Report.”
Next, you’ll integrate the OptimizePress page with your autoresponder. In the Live Editor, go to the opt-in element and click on the pencil icon to edit it. Under the Form HTML tab, choose your Autoresponder from the Integration Type. If it is not listed, you may need to integrate your autoresponder with OptimizePress first (please refer to the directions in your OptimizePress manual). If your autoresponder is not listed in the Integration Type area, you can also select Custom Form and paste the web form HTML code directly into the box provided. If your autoresponder is already integrated, you can select your provider list from the dropdown. Fill in the Thank You page URL if it’s ready and scroll down to the bottom of the page and go to Insert.
If you haven’t already, create your thank you page in OptimizePress and go back to your opt-in page and save the URL to the custom thank you page area in the Optin Box settings.
Save and Continue.
Go to the Dropdown on the left and go from Draft to Publish.
Save and Continue.
Go to View Public Link and test your page.
If all looks good, Save and Close.
If you need to make changes, it’s common to go through multiple iterations, so don’t worry.
That’s it! Pat yourself on the back. In the next module, I’ll go over your sales funnel.


P.S. If you’re not using WPAffiliate or OptimizePress, don’t worry. This course comes with unlimited email support during the course and access to all of my training manuals in the learning library on several systems.