Module 4

What if you’re not a techie? Perhaps you want to get back to the things you love, and you’d just like to hand off the whole affiliate set-up process to someone else. Or maybe you’ve been doing your own VA work for a while, but it’s too much for one person to tackle alone.

You’re in luck! My company provides project management, consulting, and tech services and I would be happy to help you. The difference between working with me and hiring another person is that I’ll work with you, and I’ll walk you through what I’m building every step of the way.

I know what I’m doing, so no more hiring VAs who learn on your dollar. And you don’t have to worry about missing something! We’ll test everything to make sure your affiliate tracking system works, and your JV partners get paid.

Now, you may be wondering, why you couldn’t you just hire a VA from you find on one of the cheap freelance websites? Yes, you could. Chances are, the VAs who charge $8/hour may not have any idea how the affiliate process works. In fact, they may not even know what an affiliate is! That's why I offer opportunities to teach your VA how to set up your systems correctly.

I have different packages available, but if you’re not sure what to pick, please feel free to book a free, one-hour discovery session with me.

Have a wonderful day,
Gina Noel Decker
Tech Done For You