Module 2

Congrats on making the investment in your business with 1SC and LeadPages! Don’t forget to forward your access details to your VA. You can always create a different 1SC username and password just for your VA if you think you’ll be logging in at the same time.

  1. One of the first things LeadPages asks you to do is set up a name for your Leadpages domain. You can’t change this later, so choose carefully. It could be your business name or your personal name. For example, is what one of my clients chose for the domain of her LeadPages account. Once the domain is saved, you’ll want to ask your VA to hop over to 1SC and create your first autoresponder list.
  2. When you have a free gift, such as a free report, checklist, eBook, etc., you don’t want to have to send it manually to everyone you know. That’s why you need to create an autoresponder list to collect the info and automatically send it out to those who want to receive it.
  3. First, come up with a name for the autoresponder. For example, “Free Report.” Then, decide the “From Name,” email address, and subject of the message. Message zero goes out the same day to people who opt in. You can also build a sequence of messages to follow and save them in advance. That way the messages go to everyone, no matter when they sign up, in a certain order. If you are using 1SC, be sure to add all the messages you can at the beginning, before anyone registers for the entire sequence. If you don’t, you’ll have to reset the autoresponder sequence to “catch up” those who sign up later after you’ve added messages for the initial set of subscribers. You can always send one-time emails, also known as broadcasts, to catch up latecomers if you don’t want to reset the entire sequence for everyone.
  4. Next, have your VA build a web form. I like to name these after my autoresponder lists so I can easily keep track of what list goes to which web form. For example, if you named your autoresponder “Free Report,” also name your web form “Free Report.” Go to Email and Marketing > Web Form > Add new. Go through the steps and name the headings and fields. Don’t forget to save the web form. The last step is critical to saving a new LeadPage and integrating it with your autoresponder sequence. Go to the “get code” link and copy the full html form code.
  5. Next, have your VA log in to LeadPages and choose a template for your free gift. Templates in LeadPages have “tried and true” high-converting templates that convert well because they already come with colors, fonts, and layouts that drive people to opt in. All you have to do is replace the images and text with your own. Change the name of the LeadPage to match your gift. For example, “Free Report.” Go to the opt-in button and click on it. Go to options and edit the settings under Integration, choose 1SC, and paste in your form code. Finish editing the text on the LeadPage, and go to Save and Publish.
  6. A standard thank you page will be saved by default, but you can always change that later to point to a custom thank you page in the Integration settings.
  7. Copy the published link into your browser and test opt-in page by entering in your name and email. If your VA set up the sequence correctly, you should receive the first message in the autoresponder sequence from 1SC. If you need to make changes, it’s common to go through multiple iterations, so don’t worry.

That’s it! Pat yourself and your VA on the back. In the next module, I’ll go over your sales funnel.