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You’ve made the big decision to grow your business through joint venture (JV) relationships. Together you can grow your list, get the word out about your new online product, and have a little fun doing it! But if you are not tech savvy, technology can be an obstacle to overcome.

That’s why I created the “Train Your VA” eCourse. Maybe you have a babysitter, sister, or local college student whom you already know and like. What if you could turn that person into a lean, mean technology machine to support you in your business? No more patrolling cheap outsourcing sites hoping and praying for reliable help. Simply treat that person you already know to lunch or coffee and ask if he/she’s willing to help you grow your business. Explain you’ve bought this course for two people: you and a virtual assistant (VA), who will be trained in technology. There are no pre-requisites besides having a computer, email address, and internet connection, and a desire to work with technology. You’ll want to choose someone who is easy to work with, talk to, and email with.

Okay, now that your VA is on board and eager to get started, there are a few systems you’ll need to get started so your JV partners can promote you and get credit for helping you grow your business. There are many different systems you can choose from, but for the purpose of this eCourse, we will be primarily using 1ShoppingCart (1SC) and LeadPages. You don’t have to use 1SC and LeadPages, but these are the ones I see many successful six figure business owners using. Even if you are starting with no list, you can start with 1SC and LeadPages and grow your list quickly. I’ve seen one client go from zero to a list of 100 in a matter of weeks.

If you decide to use other systems, check our extensive learning library, which includes manuals and video tutorials on AWeber, WP Affiliate, Affiliate Royale, ConvertKit, GetResponse, OptimizePress, and much more.

What will you need to invest? 1ShoppingCart is around $99/month. LeadPages is around $37/month for Standard Monthly and $477 yearly for Pro Annual as of the date of this writing.

If you’re ready to get started, please consider starting with these links (provided by my client, Shelley Sanders, whose list doubled after switching to 1SC and LeadPages and participating in a Joint Venture Insider Circle giveaway):


One question you may be wondering about is whether or not you need a website to get JVs to promote you. The quick answer is “no.” LeadPages can stand alone outside of a WordPress website. However, it is sometimes good to brand your LeadPages so that the URLs reflect your website domain instead of listing LeadPages in the URLs. You can easily brand your LeadPage URLs with a LeadPage plugin that only takes a few minutes to install if you already have an existing WordPress website. With LeadPages and 1SC, you can make beautiful, high-converting landing pages and sales pages, 1SC collects the names and emails of the people who are interested in your free gifts and is poised to take orders for your online product. You can set up automated emails to keep in touch with your list, deliver your eCourse, and much more. And, once you add the affiliate feature, you can track affiliate links from a free gift to the sale of your products and pay your commissions to your affiliates while 1SC does all the tracking for you. Sound good?

Great! Let’s begin. In the next lesson, I will share with you the first steps your VA will need to take after you purchase 1SC.

Let’s do this!


P.S. In the next lesson, we’ll be going over how to get started with LeadPages.

Training Video for your VA

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