Module 4

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Once you have your four basic launch pages in place, your free gift, its thank you page, your sales page, and it’s thank you page, now it’s time to level-up your launch.

The one system I see that can help you bring your launch to the next level is LeadPages: What makes LeadPages so special?

Well, although you can make fairly decent, functional landing pages and sales pages in OptimizePress, GetResponse, and other systems, LeadPages does research on the templates that convert the best. Although I see systems like Clickfunnels come and go and claim to do the same thing, Rob Goyette, the tech guru who used to work on the back end of Christian Mickelsen’s launches for 8 years, has told me many times that LeadPages is the one system that 6-and-7 figure marketers use over any other system. You can easily sort by high-converting templates, or start with drag-and-drop templates and customize them. Because LeadPages costs $25/month for the Basic account, I was hesitant to get an account at first, but when I finally did, I could really see why LeadPages is the one platform that many 6-and-7 figure launches rely on.

The Super Simple Sales Page template in LeadPages converted more for me than any other sales page on my website combined, and did not require a discovery session to convert to a sale. This template is available to download for free if you know someone who could custom code it ( offers custom coding). The Super Simple Sales Page is a perfect summary to send people to after a webinar because they can easily skim through the bonuses and buy without scrolling through long-form sales page copy. LeadPages gives you built-in stats that matter most to JV partners: your opt-in and conversion rates.

If you’re not familiar with an opt-in rate, it is based on the amount of views from people who visited the page, and is based on the number of people who opted-in for your free gift and filled out the form with their name and email address.

Conversion is calculated based on the orders placed and the views on the sales page. If you’re doing a JV launch, your affiliate platform will also track your conversion because it tallies which JV partner sent you which sale so that you can pay out commission. JVs don’t get paid until a sale is made, so the bigger the “shark” you approach to promote you, the more interested he/she may be in your conversion stats from your launches.

Remember, your customer can’t see behind the scenes of our systems, so they can’t tell whether you’re using Infusionsoft, 1Shoppingcart, Simplero, Ontraport, or an autoresponder like AWeber or GetResponse. LeadPages integrates with them all.

The only thing LeadPage doesn’t have yet is an affiliate platform, so you could use WordPress, WP Affiliate, and LeadPages with a hosting account or have your tech team set up an all-in-one system such as Simplero or 1Shoppingcart. If you’re not sure which systems to use, please feel free to grab a spot in my scheduler at so we can come up with a customized plan.

Apart from upgrading your systems to a more sophisticated landing page and sales page builder, there is one other thing that can significantly up-level your launch: conversion copywriting.

Although I was an English major in college and open to writing my own copy for my pilots, I always run my ideas by a good copywriter before I launch any program.

I have three copywriters I recommend:

  1. Gina Hussar is a talented copywriter and branding specialist. She wrote the copy for one of my clients and his list went from zero to over 1,200 with just one Facebook ad to a LeadPage opt-in. You can email me and request an email introduction or write to her directly and tell her that I referred you:
  2. Jenn Mayers is a high-end copywriter for Christian Mickelsen, and although she may not be the most inexpensive copywriter out there, she offers affordable copywriting courses. You can sign up for her free gift, 50+ Emails Subject Lines: Get More Opens Using These Compelling Subject Lines at
  3. Kathy Alice Brown is a business copywriter, SEO consultant, and FB ad expert (she set up the ad for the client who grew his list over 1,200). Her vast knowledge about driving traffic to lead magnets gives her an edge, so if you need copy as well as a Facebook ad, she’s your gal. You can get her 3 Ninja Tips for Awesome Facebook Ad Campaigns at You can also email me and I’ll do an email introduction to her (

Once you have high-converting copy, you may want to optimize your sales funnel.

Remember a basic sales funnel only has four pages: a free gift, its thank you page, the sales page, and its thank you page. However, you can insert all kinds of custom marketing funnels in between.

Here’s a really simple, yet high-converting sales funnel that Rob Goyette uses:

  1. Deep nurture vehicle (ongoing lecture series twice per month for all buyers)
  2. 3-Day sales campaign
  3. Super Simple Sales Page

If this is not your first launch, you may consider doing a JV launch to up-level. For instance, JVIC’s sales funnel for the April 2017 launch looked like this:

  1. PLC 1 (product launch content): video
  2. PLC 2, free report:
  3. PLC 3, free blueprint,
  4. 5 free webinars,
  5. Cart Open:
  6. Coachathon:
  7. Cart close:

Although you may not have a big team yet, you can still pull off a successful JV launch on a boot-strap budget (please see the Master the Launch eCourse bonus for all the steps to run a JV launch).

Another key element that can help you level-up your launch is to include quality images on your landing pages and sales pages. I often find free stock images at or, search by keyword at the top, and include those images on my pages and free gifts. I format most of my free gifts for free with, where you can also get free images or buy ones for $1 each. I use the Magazine templates to format my free gifts and export them as PDFs, all for free. Once the free gift is formatted, you can upload it to the Media Library in WordPress if you have a WordPress site (or send this to your tech team to handle). If you don’t have a website, you can create a free Gmail account and upload the PDF to your Google Forms. Just be sure to set the permissions on the download link to public so that when people click on that link from your autoresponder message, they’ll get the same access you have to view the content. You can also hire someone for $5 on to format your free gifts. If you’re needing more sophisticated graphic design, my husband, Steve Decker, has fixed many a freebie that fiverr couldn’t quite manage (the downside of fiverr is that sometimes communications don’t always get responded to in a timely manner if multiple iterations are needed).

Finally, the last thing you can do to up-level your launch is to hire a tech team if you haven’t already.


Here's your homework for Module 4: Go through this checklist and review what you can outsource. Then research the best option for outsourcing for you. Here is a checklist of questions you can go through as you are outsourcing your launch and prepping your tech team:

  1. TechDoneforYou offers full-service packages. If you’re not already working with us, please feel free to grab a spot in my scheduler so we can talk:
  2. I know the CEO of FreeeUp, Nathan Hirsh, and they offer a variety services from $4 to $50/hour if you need coverage for a specific system that TechDoneforYou may not currently support:

Until next time, happy launching!



P.S. If you're currently a client already, please set up some time to talk about how we can help you up-level your launch.

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