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Congrats! Welcome to your eCourse, Effortless Launch Formula: Prepping Your Tech Team for a Powerful and Profitable Launch in 4 Steps! I’m so glad you’ve joined us and look forward to our collaboration creating this pilot program together.

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In this course, I’ll present case studies so you can see what top mistakes to avoid during your launch, and the exact words you’ll need to say to your team so they can do the heavy lifting for you.

Don’t worry about trying to learn the technology. Save your brilliance for what you love! If you do have someone already helping you with launch technology, please feel free to share with him/her the resources in our extensive learning library, which includes manuals and video tutorials on 1ShoppingCart, LeadPages, AWeber, WP Affiliate, Affiliate Royale, ConvertKit, GetResponse, OptimizePress, and much more. By the way, if you didn't get access to your Master the Launch bonus with the training videos already, please email me and I'll make sure you get in.

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Also, if you haven’t chosen your systems yet, feel free to book some time so we can help you choose the right ones for you and your goals.

What things will you need to have handy going into this course? Just 4 things:

  1. A tentative launch date
  2. A tentative title for your program/service
  3. A tentative price for your program/service
  4. A freebie you have in mind to attract your ideal audience

Okay, and now for the juicy stuff. What is the #1 Mistake Business Owners Make during Their Launches?

Not knowing their niche well or having a hot offer that solves a “top of mind” problem (the kind that keeps people up at night).

On the surface, this seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many business owners skip right over the market research and create an offer before asking if anyone would want to buy it. Then when their offer doesn’t convert, they regret spending money on a launch, often hire a coach to get clarity, and then the process starts all over.

Maybe you listened to a niche group coaching call in which you heard other people get clarity on their niches, but you waited and waited and never got your burning questions answered. Or maybe you already feel like you know your niche. Either way, here’s a simple exercise to start your market research just by posting a question to Facebook. I first did this exercise at Alina Vincent’s High Profit Programs live event, when Jenn Mayers, the copywriter for Christian Mickelsen, conducted a training on how to come up with a hot title for your pilot program.

I have a program specifically designed to help [target audience] [big tangible result/sub-title]. IT’s called [program name] and it helps you:

  • Reframe of big tangible result
  • Tertiary result
  • Secondary result

Would you like to hear a little bit about it? Please comment “Yes.”

Here’s your homework. Fill in the blanks inside the brackets and then post this to Facebook, including the request for comments. Follow up within 24 hours with everyone who comments “Yes” and send him/her a link to your scheduler for a free discovery session.

If you’re really good at sales conversations, be sure to have a PayPal link to your offer ready before the discovery sessions in case anyone wants to buy right then and there (setting up a PayPal link should take around 5 minutes for your tech team).

Don’t worry about getting your title perfect at this point. A working title is okay. If you’d like feedback on your title, target audience, program name, etc., please post it in our private group or if you’re brave, even in our free public TechDoneForYou Solutions Facebook Group:

Jenn has her own Copywriting Secrets for Coaches Facebook group that you can request to join and can get feedback from her directly as well.

Let’s do this!


P.S. In the next lesson, we’ll be going over launch timelines and checklists and the #2 mistake business owners make during launches.

Module 1 Replay Summary

  • Introduction of Gina Decker, Becky Hess, Littie Shively, Rey Perard, and Patty Tolar.
  • Brad Yates Tapping Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) exercise: Money Magnet Quickie.
  • Orientation to Dashboard, email modules, and Facebook Group
  • Master the Launch Bonus eCourse
  • Mod 1 pilot launch: 4 pages: free gift, its thank you, sales page, and its thank you page.
  • Homework: tentative launch date (start planning at least 4 weeks before); tentative title
  • Feedback on titles from Littie (Mindset Made Easy for Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners), Patty (4 Keys of Selling Without the Sleaze: Learn to Sell with Integrity, Honesty, and Confidence); Becky (Control Conflict with Confidence); Rey (From Dream to Reality: Create the Life You Love to Live).
  • Jenn Mayers Copywriting Secrets for Coaches - you may ask for feedback in this group but be conscious of the group rules.
  • Post your tentative title in Tech Done For You Solutions Group.
  • Post your title to your Facebook page, share it to your personal profile, and to your Facebook group if you have one.
  • Overview of Facebook page stats/insights.

Module 1 Replay Summary (2/6/18)

  • In this session, we covered:
    -Module 1 video and homework
    -Brad Yates Money Magnet Tapping Here's the link to Brad Yates' Tapping on Money Magnet:
    -Tentative titles, launch dates, program descriptions with tangible results.
    -Groups to post program ideas for feedback and market research.
    -Brainstorming titles: Jun Tang: Rock Your Video Home Studio. Mimi Sterett Davis: Elevate Your Business: A 90 Day Program to help you start on a high/A Coaching Kickstarter. Kimberly Cameron Eagles: Calm the Paper Chaos. Mag Secretario and Adriana Secretario: Cleanse Your Body and Mind: Refresh Your Energy, Renew with Better Sleep.
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